Xiudi Tang 唐修棣

In front of Malott Hall, August 2019.

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto with my mentors Yael Karshon and Marco Gualtieri after begin a Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell University with my mentor Reyer Sjamaar.

I received my PhD in mathematics at University of California San Diego supervised by Álvaro Pelayo in 2018 and a BS in mathematics from Tsinghua University in 2014.

My email addresses are xiudi dot tang at utoronto dot ca & xdtang dot math at gmail dot com. Take a look at my CV and find the preprints of most of my articles on my arXiv profile.

I am teaching MAT137: Calculus! for Fall 2019. My office is at DH 3019.

Research Interests


[6] Semitoric systems of non-simple type (with Joseph Palmer, Álvaro Pelayo), arXiv:1909.03501. [PDF] [Abstract]

[5] Removing a ray from a noncompact symplectic manifold, arXiv:1812.00444. [PDF] [Abstract]

[4] Vũ Ngọc’s Conjecture on focus-focus singular fibers with multiple pinched points (with Álvaro Pelayo), arXiv:1803.00998. [PDF] [Abstract]


[3] Symplectic stability on manifolds with cylindrical ends (with Sean Curry, Álvaro Pelayo), Journal of Geometric Analysis 29(2):1660–1675, 2019.

[2] Moser stability for volume forms on noncompact fiber bundles (with Álvaro Pelayo), Differential Geometry and its Applications 63:120–136, 2019.

[1] Moser-Greene-Shiohama stability for families (with Álvaro Pelayo), to appear in Journal of Symplectic Geometry.

Past Teaching

Cornell University

Math 1920: Multivariable Calculus for Engineers, Summer 2019

Math 1120: Calculus II, Spring 2019

Math 1110: Calculus I, Fall 2018

University of California San Diego

Math 20E: Vector Calculus*, Spring 2018

Math 155A: Geometric Computer Graphics*, Winter 2018

Math 102: Applied Linear Algebra*, Fall 2017

Math 20E: Vector Calculus, Summer II 2017

Math 240C: Real Analysis III*, Spring 2016

Math 240B: Real Analysis II*, Winter 2016

Math 240A: Real Analysis I*, Fall 2015

Math 20B: Calculus for Science and Engineering*, Fall 2015

Math 20E: Vector Calculus*, Summer I 2015

Math 20C: Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering*, Spring 2015

Math 20E: Vector Calculus*, Winter 2015

* Teaching Assistant

Who I am and Who I am not

I am a thinking human being.
I am not a working machine.

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